ETE (Europea Térmica Eléctrica) is the brand we develop at Thermic Electric Solutions S.L.U. to design and manufacture water and superheated water boilers, appliances for Bikram Hot Yoga centres, resorts, spas and bakeries, our four main production lines. We are an engineering company which manufactures electrical heat production equipment.

By means of our hot water boilers and the rest of our energy efficient products and services, we strive to offer our clients the best solutions possible. Therefore we update all the time to use the most ground-breaking technology on the market while implementing environmentally friendly solutions. Working in our favour is over forty years’ experience in fitting industrial electric water boilers all over the world, in which time we have had countless satisfied customers.

In the 1990s heat production underwent a major paradigm shift due to the onset of renewable technologies, like thermal-solar, photovoltaic, wind and hydroelectric power, which meant a drive towards using electricity to produce heat. For this reason, reliance was minimised on fuel-burning devices,  which caused much more pollution and were also less profitable.  ETE hot water boilers use the heat production technology that technicians use nowadays.

Hot Water boiler

Hot water boilers suited to today’s technology

ETE industrial electric water boilers are manufactured based on an unerring mix of using top-quality materials and modern technology. This all allows us to offer a 10-year guarantee on hot water boilers and ensure service throughout their working lives. In the design and fitting process, ETE professionals work with customers to estimate each process’s heat requirements. We thus avoid overestimates, which saves on the electricity bill. Furthermore, we guarantee in writing the service that the customer needs.

The advantage of using ETE superheated water boilers over steam boilers entails a range of benefits, amongst which we may list not needing to fit condensate drains and also avoiding problems with corrosion. Fitting our hot water boilers means simplifying pipeline networks and installation, as is the case with control and regulation systems. Maintenance requirements and costs are thus minimised.

To fit hot water boilers the same principles need to be followed as for water devices i.e. assessing the temperature and pressure that will be needed when choosing materials.

Our company stands out for offering the best guarantee. Furthermore, we have our own consulting and engineering service, take care of fitting and smartly maintaining our products, and make our experience available to clients.

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