ETE is the brand we develop at Thermic Electric Solutions S.L.U. Our mission is to manufacture thermal oil boilers and a whole range of electrical heat production appliances. We seek to supply energy-efficient appliances for which we guarantee high performance. To do that we use cutting-edge technology as well as the most environmentally friendly solutions possible.

Thermal oil boilers, also known as thermal fluid boilers, are those that use as a fluid a thermal oil which has a very high vaporisation temperature. That means that high temperatures may be worked with at moderate pressure.

Thermal oil boilers have several advantages over more conventional types of boiler, such as needing less parts. In fact, all they need is the boiler itself, pressure and temperature, and recirculation pumps. As they work at lower pressure than other types of boiler, they also need less maintenance. The fluid’s viscosity makes leaks less likely than in steam boilers or hot water boilers.

As suppliers, at Thermic Electric Solutions S.L.U. we have more than forty years’ experience in fitting every type of boiler and heating equipment all over the world. Thermal oil boilers are based on closed-circuit systems and are very simple to operate. The circuit must be filled with thermal oil fluid and degassed, then the main pump starts it up by pumping oil out of the device and into the boiler. After switching on the boiler, the required temperature must be selected on its built-in electrical panel.

Thermal Oil Boilers

ETE thermal oil boilers use ground-breaking technology

Thermal oil boilers are used in heat production devices which need to work on processes at temperatures of up to 300 ºC.

One of the advantages of ETE brand industrial thermal oil boilers is that they perform at 100% and come with a 10-year guarantee. ETE has developed technology which manages to solve traditional problems with thermal oil devices: it does not block pipes, moulds or coils, neither does it impair pumps or valves and maintenance costs may be practically cut to nil. Our thermal oil boilers save on installation costs, energy consumption and maintenance costs, and you will see how the working life of your boiler is increased.

Our company offers not only the best guarantee, but also has its own consulting and engineering service. We take care of fitting and smartly maintaining our products and make our experience available to clients.