Steam generator for autoclaves

The new technologies in the steam produccion equipments allows to have a cost-effective installation, lower power and lower energy bill.

The steam generators for autoclaves are being transforming with new technologies as ete applies in its steam boilers, the target of this new technology is to simplify installations, reduce costs and breakdowns.

Since 1977 ete manufacture electric steam boilers, we have lived hundred of experiences about installation with steam for autoclaves sterilization.

The technology applied in the design and manufacture of ete’s steam boilers allows to change the way to make installations, make it easy: installing a boiler next to the autoclave (one or two meters distance), regulate temperature and steam pressure as the process requires.

The calculation of the power is the factor that most worries the technicians who manage and design the heat installations, we have known hundreds of cases in which the installation was oversized 6 times on the real heat needs, we have found projects and facilities that needed 100kw of power and the boiler was 600kw.

The technicians of Europea Térmica Eléctrica are specialists in calculating heat needs with a long experience, when you need to heat a process, provide us the data of your process:

  • kg or liters of product
  • process temperatures
  • In how many time process has to be done.

you will receive information about the ideal equipment, power, cost, and energy cost per liter or kg of the process, you will have a performance guarantee and a production cost guarantee.

The old way to make big installations with big combustion boilers tends to disappear for energy saving. The ete’s steam boilers has a 100% performance throughout the life of the boiler that is over 30 years. If you installed an electric steam boiler next to the autoclave there is no heat loss in the pipe networks.

According to the old techniques, 2 boilers are installed to solve the cleaning issues and avoid risks of production stoppages. The risks of stoppage due to breakdown are minimal and the cleaning work does not require stopping the installation or can be done in about 2 hours installing ete’s steam generators.

There is a belief that combustible energies are cheaper than electricity and in practice this is false, when ete’s technology is applied, the power of boilers is lowered by nearly 80% compared to combustion boilers, the purchase price decreases, the price of the installation and above all, it reduces the energy consumption in the process by 70%. They also lower maintenance costs and breakdowns.

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