At ETE we are experts in manufacturing electrical heat production equipment, including steam boilers, thermal oil boilers, industrial boilers carbon neutral, etc. Thermic Electric Solutions S.L.U. is the company behind the ETE brand, which is known for offering long-life products that are practically trouble-free.

Steam boilers are machines that produce steam by using either electrical heating or by burning certain types of fuel.  Steam boilers have many uses in different types of industry, ranging from heating other fluids, sterilising equipment and products, and moisturising air.

Regardless of the system used, a steam boiler’s purpose is to raise water temperature and pressure until it turns into steam at the required pressure.  At ETE we have a catalogue based on four product lines; industrial electric water boilers, devices for Bikram Hot Yoga centres, appliances for spas and resorts, and for bakeries.

Steam Boilers

ETE steam boilers, economical and reliable

The technology we use to produce ETE steam boilers is much more advanced than that of our competitors, which allows us to guarantee optimal 100% performance throughout a boiler’s working life, which will be more than 30 years. ETE steam boilers have a 5-year guarantee.

At Europea Térmica Eléctrica we take charge of estimating the customer’s power needs for their equipment and guarantee heat service for industrial production processes, heating or any other heat requirement. We specialise in making equipment as simple and economical as possible, which minimises the risk of faults and breakdowns so common for this type of product.

For all our appliances, including steam boilers, we guarantee that maintenance costs will be minimal and breakdowns scarce, and performance will be the same after 20 years’ service as on day one.

Renewable energy has brought down electricity prices, so it is much cheaper than burning fossil fuel as well as being more environmentally friendly. Steam boilers’ performance declines over time, something that is not the case with ETE electric steam boilers.

Some of the benefits enjoyed by customers who opt for fitting an ETE steam boiler or hot water boiler are cheaper electricity bills and lower maintenance costs.  By the same token, the number of shut-downs needed for repairs is reduced.  As specialists with 40 years’ experience in the sector, we guarantee rational and simple heating appliances.  Furthermore, they are safe and environmentally friendly appliances. 

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