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The Lodarium it is a system developed by ete to get an excellent and efficient results in treatments with mud, algae or cream.

The temperature conditions benefit to absorb the minerals and nutrients and eliminate the harmful substances.

Ete-lodarium equipments:

  • Ete Humid Sauna 40ºC 70% HR.
  • Bithermic Shower 400 mm head shower.
  • Scottish Bithermic Shower with oil essences.


  • Heater for water showers 40ºC
  • Cooler for water showers 8ºC

Ete-lodarium room

The room for this use depends on the number of persons estimated to use the installation at same time. For further information contact us.
Ask more information about our equipments for free.

Therapeutic benefits

The time in the Lodarium is usually 30 minutes, during which time the muds will be applied all over the body, including the head, which will remain moist on the skin at all times. This will cause the pores to open, eliminating toxins and absorbing all the nutrients from the mud.

After 30 minutes you will go through the bithermal shower inside the treatment room, to clean the mud, and then go to the Scottish shower with essential oils.

The benefits over the traditional system of application of mud are far superior since the mud does not dry at any time and the pores open well.

Furthermore, there is no electromagnetic contamination since it is not necessary to apply the electric blankets.

Economic benefits

With respect to traditional systems for applying mud, in a Lodarium the presence of an employee is not necessary and in the premises several people can do the treatment simultaneously, which will allow them to charge less for the treatment and obtain more benefits.

The Lodarium can also be applied to produce passive sweating, and to enhance hair removal or cream application booth treatments.