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Bithermal Oil Shower

Equipment for 40º hot and 8ºC cold water cycle showers. It serves to balance the circulatory system by providing water-soluble oils in cold water at 8ºC.

The equipment has a processor with a button panel to provide only 40ºC hot water, only 8ºC cold water or hot-cold cycles, and it also has a 100mm diameter sprinkler.

The control module can program the times of hot water 40ºC, cold water 8ºC and number of times you want to repeat the hot-cold cycle. The essential oils are diluted in water and their contribution, once the shower is scheduled, will be done in cold water times, to avoid altering them.

This shower will be supplied with hot water at 40ºC and cold water at 8ºC. ete manufactures water heaters and chiller to service bithermal showers.

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