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Bithermal Jet Shower essential oil

Bithermal Jet Shower essential oil

The Bithermal Jet Shower with essential oil manufactured by ete is used for hydromassage treatments; it produces contrast of hot water (39ºC) and cold water (8ºC). The therapist controls the pressure, temperature and cycles. It is a corporal massage complete or partial based on water contrast and pressure for which a specialist is needed.

The originality of this equipment is the essential oil for stimulating or relaxing, the use is under the therapist criteria.

The therapist can program the hot-cold cycles, time, pressure and the number of cycles.

The bithermal jet has a temperature regulation system, pressure and digital lecture.


Base 505 x 325 mm. Height 845mm


30 W – 230 V II

Therapeutic application

It is very useful for people who suffer rheumatic process, osteoarthritis, skin disorders, obesity, painful shoulder, cellulites treatment and get shape. With this therapy the join and muscle pain decrease.

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