ETE (Europea Térmica Eléctrica) is the brand we develop at Thermic Electric Solutions S.L.U. Our mission as a company is to design and manufacture zero-carbon industrial boilers, appliances for Bikram Hot Yoga centres, resorts, spas and bakeries, our four main product lines. We are an engineering company which manufactures electrical heat production equipment.

By fitting industrial zero-carbon boilers and the rest of our products and appliances, we seek to be as energy efficient as possible.  To do that we strive to offer our customers the best solutions possible, to avoid overestimating their needs so they can save on their bills.

One of our company’s core principles is that we are always updating, which allows us to boast of using the most ground-breaking technology on the market in our industrial electric water boilers, while implementing environmentally friendly solutions.

Working in our favour is over forty years’ experience in fitting industrial zero-carbon boilers in countries across the world while having countless satisfied customers.

ETE takes charge of designing, manufacturing and fitting industrial zero-carbon boilers and other heating equipment which are suited to the most modern and up-to-date technology.

Industrial boilers carbon neutral

At ETE we are specialists in fitting industrial boilers

ETE steam boilers are manufactured based on an exact mix of using top-quality materials and modern technology. That allows us to offer long warranty periods for all our appliances and to guarantee a minimum breakdown rate.  Furthermore, ETE’s specialist technical staff work directly with customers to estimate every process’s heating needs based on their requirements.

As a company we have been making industrial electric boilers to measure since 1977, using the world’s most advanced technology to do so. ETE electric boilers can replace any type of fuel burning with industrial zero-carbon boilers, and may be replaced by any plumber with the help of an electrician to fit the electric power cable.

ETE technicians provide all the information needed in writing to help make decisions about changing to a safe boiler with a 10-year guarantee. When comparing the cost of a whole season’s heating with that of one of our boilers, it will be seen that consumption is cut by more than 50% and, furthermore, it will give better service and be safer.

The objective of the technology used in the electrical appliances manufactured by ETE to produce hot water for hotels, hospitals, sports facilities, hairdressers, yoga centers, industry, housing blocks or any energy-intensive process, is to guarantee the supply of hot water and optimize energy costs … At ETE you will find various means of heating, as well as a steam boiler or hot water boiler

Our technology allows us to fit smaller and lower energy devices, which benefits our customers by saving on purchasing equipment and on energy.

The materials used in ETE hot water health equipment allows us to give a 5-year guarantee, although their working life will be more than 20 years.