ETE is the brand we develop at Thermic Electric Solutions S.L.U. to manufacture industrial electric water boilers, appliances for Bikram Hot Yoga centres, resorts, spas and bakeries.   We are an engineering company which manufactures electrical heat production appliances.

Using our industrial electric water, superheated water, steam, and thermal fluid boilers, and the rest of our products, we seek to provide energy efficient equipment.  To do that we use cutting-edge technology as well as environmentally friendly solutions. Working in our favour is over forty years’ experience in fitting industrial electric boilers all over the world.

In the 1990s heat production underwent a major paradigm shift due to the onset of renewable technologies, like thermal-solar, photovoltaic, wind and hydroelectric power, which meant a drive towards using electricity to produce heat. For this reason, reliance was minimised on fuel-burning devices,  which caused much more pollution and were also less profitable. To this end, ETE hot water boilers use the heat production technology that technicians use nowadays.

Using top quality materials combined with modern technology allows us to offer 10-year guarantees on every powerful electric boiler and ensure service throughout the boilers’ working lives. Our technicians work with customers to estimate each process’s heating needs. Furthermore, we guarantee in writing the service that the customer needs.

Powerful Electric Boilers

ETE industrial electric boilers are manufactured with modern technology

Industrial electric water boilers have a electrical power range of between 4.5 and 2,000 kW. On the whole, they are used in any process that needs to produce heat or hot water, to heat up spaces or for heat generation processes in industry.

Amongst others, the advantages of using ETE superheated water boilers include avoiding the need to fit condensate trays and also avoiding problems with corrosion. Fitting our Industrial electric water boilers means simplifying pipeline networks and installation, as is also the case with control and regulation systems. All this means that maintenance needs are minimal.

Industrial electric water boiler equipment follows the same principles as water equipment, and are taken into consideration when choosing materials, temperature and pressure.

Industrial electric water boilers have built-in electrical panels which provide high performance and an accuracy of +/-0.5 ºC. Power may be stepped up in increments, each one of which has its own fail-safe features. As regards safety systems, boilers have a safety thermostat, a relief valve and a pressure safety switch fitted in case water is cut off. The panel works by optical signalling so everything may be checked at a glance.

ETE powerful electric boilers are fitted with rock wool insulation. As for their outside finishing, they are assembled on a tubular chassis with sheet panelling covered in stove-finished epoxy paint.