This post aims to inform those interested, about what to do in their facilities to save more than 70% of energy and hot water for showers in hotels and gyms.

We start from the experience of an installation that we have done for the practice of hot yoga in Madrid, where we apply the technological concepts that allow a 90% saving in the energy bill, compared to other similar centers.

The elements and factors that have to be reviewed to save energy and water are:

  • Hot water equipmet
  • Energy
  • Automatism
  • Sprinkler flow
  • Kind of faucet

Things to change to save:

  1. equipment (combustion boiler, heat pump or other) that produces hot water
  2. the type of energy used to heat the water
  3. shower sprinklers
  4. install some automatism

These changes are the ones that will produce the savings of 70% or more, with that savings the investment will be amortized in less than 2 years.

The consumption that will have installed the electric boilers ETE will be:

In a hotel: 0.12€ / person with standard faucets and sprinklers of 6 liters / minute.

In a gym: 0.04€ / person using 6 liter / minute sprinklers and showers with push button.

Estimating the price of kwh at 0.12€

In large consumption facilities, the average price of kwh is usually 0.08€, which will lower the price per person.

If you multiply the number of people who shower each day either in the hotel or in the gym, you will know the expense in € that you will have with the system that we propose and can compare with the current expense and calculate the amortization of the investment with all precision.

Since 1977 we have been manufacturing hot water equipment for hotels and gyms, with experienced technologies to ensure operation without breakdowns and long equipment life. We must also add the savings in maintenance costs, longer repayment for the life of the equipment (there are equipment that have been operating for more than 30 years) the trend of the price of electric energy as a function of the production of renewables is down, while the fuel energy is on the rise. We also take into account the absence of bad odors, gases, fire hazards or explosion.

I want to tell an anecdote about a hotel in the city of Spain, to which we calculate the equipment and guarantee the consumption per person. After several months, they called us to tell us that they consumed half the energy that in another smaller hotel that heated the water using gas, but that some days they ran out of water about mid-morning, we asked if the room maids cleaned with hot water, they verified that, and the maids started to cleaning the bathrooms with cold water ended the problem of lack of water and under energy consumption 40%.As you can see there are many factors to take care to save energy, our experience of 40 years providing equipment allows our technicians to calculate the equipment suitable for each case and guarantee the energy cost and good service to customers.

Tell us how many rooms your hotel has or how many people shower at peak times in your gym and we will pass information on the equipment and the expense you will have each day.

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