Bikram Yoga Vs. Yoga

I study the human being since 1958 and I have an opinion formed as a result of research through study, observation and reflection on how the body and spirit should be treated, in order to maintain health and vital state over the years.

Since 2015 I practice Bikram Yoga every week at Bikram Rosales in Madrid, I highlight the values ​​that have changed my life for the better.

Better mental balance; The concentration during the exercise, the intense physical effort, maintaining the balance, attending the instructions of the teacher, are actions that improve the mental balance.

Better physical strength; the postures that force all muscles to work and the heat facilitate the strengthening of muscle structures, various organs and the cleaning of toxic elements.

More vitality; the cleaning by sweating eliminating toxins and the glucose expense make all the structures have a better electrical communication and improve the vital state.

More flexibility; All postures require forcing movements to force structures to become more flexible by improving movement in daily activities.

More confidence in myself; The challenge of each 90-minute class strengthens the feeling that you can get everything you want in life.

More tolerance with people; To do the practices of Bikram Yoga, you have to open your mind to positively accept what happens in your environment during the time that the teacher marks the exercises.

More health; If you strengthen structures, clean interstitial fluids, balance your mind, the result is HEALTH.

Breathing; You become aware that you must learn to breathe to provide oxygen to the metabolic function of generating the energy you need to maintain your vital state.

The difference between Yoga and Bikram Yoga is in the climate of the exercise room, temperature 40ºC, 50% ambient humidity and clean air.

In the 70s of the last century, investigating the facilities of the SPAS, I discovered that in the barracks of the Roman legions 2000 years ago, there were facilities for the sweat, the presence of this installation was for the soldiers to improve their physical condition , if they sweated regularly to eliminate toxins produced by exercise, stress and food and the best way to eliminate them was through the pores of the skin. During the 90 minutes of my classes at Bikram Rosales I lose more than a liter of liquid that cleanses me and that I replenish at the end of the class taking smoothies made at the time, to compensate for the lost liquid and minerals, in addition to providing vitamins and hydrates

The heat causes the muscles to relax and prevent injuries.

The blood circulatory system produces dilation and contraction exercises that are beneficial to give more elasticity to the veins and arteries.

Maintaining a humidity of 50% improves the ionic balance of the room that benefits the functioning of all physical and mental structures of the human body.

A problem that usually occurs in enclosed areas where exercise is low air quality due to oxygen consumption and CO2 production, in Bikram Rosales the air quality is optimal thanks to the technology they have applied to keep the air clean. air, produce heat without altering the environment and maintain humidity in a controlled way, also the materials used in walls, floor and ceiling.

Finishing the Bikram Yoga exercises with a water shower at less than 10ºC is a way to increase the benefits of this intense exercise, the blood circulation system is balanced and a more intense vital state is achieved, a more juicy skin is perceived.

In Bikram Yoga Rosales, the cold shower water is year-round at less than 10ºC.

Anthropology shows us another value that has the practice of Bikram Yoga, the strengthening of the person by effort, the only way that humans have to evolve is overcoming the difficulties that life presents.

The practice of Bikram Yoga as commented by elite professional athletes who have practiced Bikram Yoga has a level of difficulty far superior to any other exercise, both Yoga and any other sports practice, that hardness that is overcome in each voluntary practice, prepares us to overcome any Another difficulty that life presents to us, gives us security and confidence.

Feeding; Caring for food is important for Yoga practitioners, providing the body with food, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, lipids, water, avoiding sugar and alcohol, making homemade cooking with natural raw materials and our surroundings, legumes , cereals, fruit, vegetables, dairy, fish, meat.

Practicing Yoga is good, practicing Bikram Yoga is perfect, wonderful.